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Digital HR

Date: May 09, 2017, 2:00 p.m. ET / 19:00 BST
Presenter: Jeff Mike, Vice President and Human Resources Research Leader, Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP
Location: Online Webinar
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Digital technology is disrupting business models, operational processes, and talent engagement, fundamentally transforming the way in which organizations function and generate value. The true power of digital technology stems from an organization’s ability to integrate it into the day-to-day processes and operations of the business, and to transform the ways people interact and create value.

From the intersection of people, organizations, and work, HR has a unique opportunity to lead the digital transformation in business. In order to do this however, HR itself should “become” digital by integrating its operations with the workforce and workplace, reinventing itself while simultaneously implementing these new technologies.

In this webinar Jeff will explore:

  • What it means to “become” digital
  • HR mindsets and practices for becoming digital:
    - Ecosystems and platforms
    - Developing the culture for becoming digital
    - Treating the workforce like customers
    - Incorporating people analytics into everything