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Employee Recognition: An Untapped Lever of Talent Management (Webinar)

Date: July 19, 2012, 1:00 p.m. ET / 18:00 BST
Presenter: Josh Bersin, CEO and President; and Stacia Sherman Garr, Principal Analyst
Location: Online Webinar
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When most HR leaders think about strategic talent management, they think of traditional levers: leadership development, learning and performance management. Few leaders focus on employee recognition, despite the fact that most organizations spend approximately 1 percent of payroll on recognition efforts and a collective $46 billion every year. And with 87 percent of organizations focusing on tenure-based recognition, most existing programs do little to improve employee performance or engagement. However, recognition can make a huge difference to critical outcomes: new Bersin research shows that those organizations with programs highly effective at improving employee engagement experience 31% lower voluntary turnover.

In this webinar, Bersin and Associates’ President and CEO Josh Bersin, and Principal Analyst Stacia Garr will share new research that uncovers why organizations should focus on recognition as a critical part of their overall talent management efforts to drive business results. Specifically, they will share the business case for employee recognition, the challenges organizations face with it, and the current state of the employee recognition market. Further, they will highlight the disconnects between what HR thinks about recognition and what employees at all levels experience when it comes to recognition. Listeners will come away with an understanding of how recognition fits into talent management, what recognition looks like at most organizations and keys to designing an effective recognition strategy and program.