People Analytics (with maturity model and framework)

“People analytics” is the use of measurement and analysis techniques to understand, improve, and optimize the people side of business.” (This is also referred to as Big Data and talent analytics.)


Organizations have millions of data elements about people—demographic data, performance data, job history, compensation, mobility, assessment, training, and more. This data can be correlated and matched to many different types of business data to help companies to understand profiles and behaviors which create high performance. For example, a food-service company found that its client renewal rate is highly dependent on certain skills, behaviors, and learning activities. This correlation was so high that the company developed a dashboard for all of its account teams which monitor these talent metrics with red / yellow / green measures for managers to use. There are hundreds of other applications for people analytics.


For more information on this topic, we recommend learning about our Talent Analytics Maturity Model.

The Bersin by Deloitte Talent Analytics Framework describes all of the elements of talent analytics.

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